Turn Your Hoverboard into a Go-Kart

    Turn Your Hoverboard into a Go Kart | HYPER GOGO
    HYPER GOGO offers go-kart kits to turn hoverboards into safe, comfortable rides for kids. Features include speed control, all-terrain capability, and safety gear, enhancing outdoor play and skills.

    Do you have a 10-year-old who loves racing? Do they have a hoverboard they enjoy taking to parks or riding indoors? As a parent, I am sure it is easy to relate to the excitement of owning a brand-new scooter or skating shoes back in the day: the unlimited playtime and all the memories we created.

    Hold that image in mind and see your kid having all that just by having a transformed hoverboard. HYPER GOGO makes this a reality with its easy assembly go-kart kits to transform your Hoverboard into a fantastic ride for your kids: more speed, more control, and the chance to experience a whole new way of riding.

    Why Turn Your Hoverboard into a Go-kart?

    Child Outdoor Adventure | HYPER GOGO

    Hoverboards are great, but they are limiting in the fun department. With a hoverboard, little can be done regarding safety; if there's no provision for a helmet for riders, especially when making steep curves, there is an increased chance of injuries. This also raises the question of its steadiness, as beginners often find it challenging to maintain a long stance or control. The Hoverboard can take a dramatic turn from no headlights to headlights, from a sidewalk use to off-road go-kart use, all with a simple HYPER GOGO hoverkart assembly.

    Turning your Hoverboard into a hoverkart unlocks a world of benefits, especially for kids who like riding.

    • Unmatched Comfort:With the go-kart attachment, say goodbye to feeling uncomfortable and no more tired legs. Welcome to the fast life, this time around, while seated and having a blast. Using the HYPER GOGO go-kart promises an end to fatigue.
    • Improved Beginner Experience:Ditch the shaky legs as a beginner and the need to be held or supported. The go-kart frame provides more stability, boosting riders' confidence when navigating.
    • New Wave of Fun: HYPER GOGO's GoKart + Hoverboard bundle transforms your kid's play day from 0 to 100, making them feel like Michael Schumacher if you are familiar with F1.

    Spotlight on HYPER GOGO Gokart + H-racer Hoverboard

    Look no further than if you need the hoverboard and go-kart experience. The HYPER GOGO Gokart + H-Racer attachment allows customers to have fun, stay mobile, and feel safe while hitting full throttle.

    Built To Last: The GOGO go-kart has the perfect big tire hoverboard; the HYPER GOGO go-kart can securely board up to 90kg while its steel frame and grippy tires conquer rugged terrain. Depending on your height, the kart is adjustable up to 1300mm, enough to accommodate both adults & kids, making it the perfect riding toy.

    Speed & Fun: Kids will feel like mini Lewis Hamilton as the go-kart's booster mode offers actual speed bursts for thrill-seeking rides. When paired with the H-racer hoverboard, the kart has up to at least three selective speed modes.

    A Safety System: Integrated helmets, safety glasses, and a brake system also allow for off-road adventures or evening hovers. Rest assured that racing has never been more accessible on hard or flat roads and even slopes for your kids. It is an invitation to embark on an adventure.

    Gateway To Outdoors: Owning a hoverkart comes with immense pride; there is no better way to show this pride than being outside. With the HYPER GOGO Gokart + H-racer Hoverboard, you are guaranteed less screen time for your kids and improved social skills in terms of understanding & communicating, be it with peers or at home. Lastly, the kart's adjustability makes it mobile for transporting to wherever possible.

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    How to Turn Your Hoverboard into a Go-Kart with HyperGogo

    The Gokart + H-Racer Hoverboard can be more than just a toy for 8-year-olds and above; it could also be an opportunity to learn and take responsibility for oneself. Presenting kids with gifts like this exposes them to freedom & autonomy over their choices and thus can serve as an important learning milestone. Transforming from Hoverboard to hoverkart is simple with a bit of D.I.Y. and the HYPER GOGO kit:

    • Adjust Frame Length: Extend the go-kart's frame to fit your kid's height by releasing & re-tightening screws to the desired length. This will ensure enough legroom & seating comfort when driving.
    • Attach Steering Column + Handlebars: Connect the steering lever using the provided tools, clipping handlebars onto the top for full directional control. Unscrew the top, install the wheel & screw to fit.
    • Mount Hoverboard onto Frame: Align your Hoverboard with the go-kart's metal frame and securely hook the Velcro strap. Most standard 6.5 or 8-inch models fit inside.
    • Add Safety Accessories: Finally, attach the safety helmet, ensuring a snug fit. For riders under 12, use elbow & knee pads for extra precaution.

    In 10-15 minutes, your self-build go-kart kit will transform even basic hoverboards into a tricked-out hoverkart ready to rule outdoor adventures.

    Hitting the Road with Your HyperGogo Go-Kart

    Safety first! As a mom, dad, or guardian, before your youthful Schumacher zooms off on their motorized ride-on toy, cover all bases: Find a flat, open space without traffic for practice rides & slowly build handling skills. Ensure the rider wears a helmet & further protective gear like wrist guards if under 12. Check that hoverkart parts are securely assembled & the hoverboard battery is fully charged to ensure optimal performance & longevity. Always carefully supervise to guide technique & intervene if the young driver loses control.

    Once safety checks are covered, it's full speed ahead for the most thrilling hoverboard experience imaginable! The HYPER GOGO Go Kart allows kids to take their ride to the next level via:

    • Extended Range - Enjoy longer rides of up to 9 miles with an improved Li-on battery!
    • Faster Speeds - Hit a max speed of 9 mph courtesy of the go-kart's booster buttons
    • All-Terrain Control - Tires maintain control riding over grass, gravel paths, and more!


    Maybe your kids are still figuring out how to use a hoverboard; it’s time to take a chance and buy the best go-kart + hoverboard. HYPER GOGO offers discounts on air karts with 5-10% off on 2 to 3 purchases. The perfect riding toy for your child this Easter. Open the HYPER GOGO official website to check it out now!


    Can one kit work for multiple hoverboards?

    Yes, you can use the go-kart kit to convert multiple compatible hoverboards your family owns by swapping them into the frame as needed.

    How old does my kid need to be to ride the hoverkart?

    The HYPER GOGO Go-Kart is recommended for kids aged 8 and up. Ensure proper safety gear is worn at all times.