My Hoverboard Is Not Working

    My Hoverboard Is Not Working | HYPER GOGO
    Hoverboards face issues like charging problems and sensor malfunctions. Basic troubleshooting can help, but complex problems need expert repair. HYPER GOGO H-Racer offers durability and safety.

    Hoverboards, also called self-balancing scooters, have become immensely popular in recent years, though they don't hover! Riders stand on a platform between two wheels, and by leaning, the sensors and internal gyroscope direct the wheels to move in the desired direction. When functioning correctly, this allows easy mobility without falling. However, with extensive usage, hoverboards can develop technical snags.

    From failure to charge, blinking lights, or sudden violent shuddering, many problems can surface. But before paying for pricey repairs, owners can attempt basic troubleshooting. For example, check charger connections, try recalibrating the unit on a level surface, or release trapped air pockets if it vibrates when dismounted. While such D.I.Y. fixes may solve many trivial glitches, complex internal issues with sensors or batteries will need professional servicing.

    Top off the hat recommendation regarding the hoverboard is ensuring you get the best for your kids, like the HYPER GOGO H-Racer. Always ensure that you review manufacturer guidelines before use and attempt basic remedies. But don't let just anyone tinker with your hoverboard. Know when to seek help from licensed sellers instead of wasting money on damaging trial-and-error.

    Why Hoverboards Don't Work: Common Issues and Solutions

    Having a hoverboard is not just about indoor rides or about it being a statement piece; it has exploded in popularity as a fun way to get around. But it can be frustrating just watching it lay in the house dormant when it breaks down. From reset issues to battery to charger to occasional hoverboard problems, it is essential to get familiar with some of the most common issues and hoverboard repairs you will be able to try out.

    1. My Hoverboard Needs A Reset

    Possible Causes:

    • This is perhaps due to internal errors or
    • There are sensor or gyroscope problems inside


    • First, you want to ensure your hoverboard is placed on a completely flat surface. This is important to check for calibration.
    • Next, you check the user manual and follow the master reset process from the manufacturer. The essence of resetting is to realign the sensors and get the hoverboard to respond again.
    • If you've reset it properly and it still won't respond, a hardware problem may require repair.

    2. My Hoverboard Is Not Turning On

    Possible Causes:

    • Most of the time, it is because of a faulty charger.
    • The charging port is slightly crooked or misaligned.
    • You've overcharged the battery, causing problems like diminished battery health.


    • Scrutinize your charger for damage and check that the green indicator light comes on when plugged in. You could also check the charger on another hoverboard to confirm. If not, replace the faulty charger.
    • If the charging port looks slightly off, gently align it back to the proper position to make a solid connection.
    • Only use the company-supplied charger and avoid overcharging your hoverboard's battery, which can disrupt the charging ability.
    • For continuing charging problems, contact their customer support, who can help troubleshoot or escalate further issues.

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    3. My Hoverboard Suddenly Stops

    Possible Causes:

    • This perhaps means the battery no longer holds charge and needs replacement.
    • The battery management system has malfunctioned.


    • If the battery indicator light is blinking orange, that typically signals it's fully depleted and unable to hold a charge, calling for an immediate replacement. This is common after 12-18 months of use.
    • People with some electrical know-how can use a voltmeter to check if the battery is outputting the proper voltage. If it is too low, it similarly requires replacing.
    • If your hoverboard battery doesn't charge due to the battery management system, seek professional repair assistance. Replacement may be needed.

    4. My Hoverboard Not Working Despite Full Charge

    Possible Cause:

    • Sensor calibration or balance issues.


    • Fully power down your hoverboard and place it on a smooth, level floor where you have space.
    • Initiate the master reset process according to your user manual. This resets all the sensors and electronics, commonly resolving blinking light problems.
    • Use your hoverboard normally to see if the reset adjusted any sensor accuracy problems. If lights continue blinking irregularly, further diagnostic repair may be necessary.

    Investing in A HYPER GOGO Hoverboard

    It is no news that with HYPER GOGO Hoverboards, you are one step away from reaching the moon or, even better, becoming a popular celebrity on social media. No other company produces big tire hoverboards the way we do, ranging from H-WALLE Hoverboard (the unofficial best hoverboard for 5-year-old kids), H-AURORA Hoverboard (HYPER GOGO's cheapest electric hoverboard), H-Racer Hoverboard (one of the coolest hoverboard collections) H-WARRIOR All-Terrain Hoverboard (the most versatile option). Here are a few reasons to have a HYPER GOGO hoverboard

    Design:HYPER GOGO draws inspiration for its hoverboard from sports car designs like the Lamborghini, from the emulated engine sounds in the speakers to create an immersive experience to the sleek colors. The design also extends to the appearance of the all-terrain 6'5 tires and firm foot pads to ensure zero to no sensor issues.

    Battery Strength:The hoverboard comes equipped with UL 2271 Certified Firesafe batteries and fire-retardant casing so you can charge and ride worry-free.

    Charging & Use:Using the hoverboard requires a charge of between 2-4 hours before use, and this promises a speed of between 6mph to 9.3mph for both kids & adults to enjoy.

    For Everyone:The hoverboard collection considers people's sizes, with the maximum capacity of the H-Racer being 120kg, suitable for both big and small individuals. Also, depending on location, things like roadworthiness were factored in, be it for use at home, gravel, dirt grass, or parks. You are fully covered and get a warranty of up to 12 months.


    In summary, hoverboards can develop a range of issues over time, and basic hoverboard repairs like checking charger connections, resetting the battery unit or recalibrating the sensors often resolve many problems. However, continuing issues likely require professional repair to address hardware or sensor malfunctions. This is why shopping for a reliable hoverboard is safer & cost-effective; brands like HYPER GOGO excel in safety and performance. A quality hoverboard like the HYPER GOGO model can deliver years of carefree enjoyment with reasonable maintenance.


    Why does my hoverboard suddenly stop while riding?

    If your hoverboard abruptly stops, the most likely cause is a depleted battery that needs replacement. Balance or sensor calibration issues can also cause sudden stopping. Try restarting and resetting the unit on a flat surface. If problems continue, have a technician evaluate the electronics.

    Should I buy the HYPER GOGO H-Racer hoverboard?

    Yes, the H-Racer from HYPER GOGO is an excellent high-performance hoverboard choice. It reaches speeds up to 9 mph and is powered by a lithium battery, requiring just 2-4 hours of charge time. The 6.5" tires provide all-terrain handling, while the safety-focused design gives peace of mind.