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Great well made

The fake gas tank cover falls off but glue fixed that


What a show stopping bike kids love it and even the adults, puts a smile on everyone’s face who sees it.

Challenger 12

My kids are OBSESSED! Great quality, goes super fast, even I like riding it!

Love the product so cute and realistic looking, my son loves it! Only downside is bluetooth won’t connect to the app for some reason so I can’t change my sons speed but Bluetooth does connect for music

H-Racer Hoverboard
Ceiara Linville
Great Hoverboard!

We got this for my 8 year old to attach to the hyper gogo go-kart and it works perfectly! I love that you can control the max speed with the app and my son loves the Bluetooth and the sound it makes when it first comes on. The battery lasts for a while and haven't given us any issues at all.

The product is great. Customer service for the company hypergogo sucks. They told me I didn't order anything from them even though I had the order number and receipt in my email. Took over a month for the training wheels to arrive from order date. Customer service was real slow to respond to any questions.

Cruiser 12 Plus
Jared Washington
Follow up to previous review

Company reached out to me and sent me a replacement part. So all in all great company and great product.

Cruiser 12 Plus
Lisa Bellanger

Our grandkids just loved their new Cruiser 12 motorcycles for Christmas. We love that its made in the USA. The features are amazing.

Challenger 12

Nice and sturdy. My Son loved it!!

Bought this for my 3 yr old. He and I are both in love with it. Bought it without the tricycle extras and he's doing amazing on it. Can not recommend enough. Your kiddos will love it!

Missing parts

Cruiser 12 Plus
Hadji Saado
Great bike worth it

So far the bike is great and my kid loves it easy assembly would recommend very fun bike

Pioneer 12 Plus
Kelli Nevius

This was the best purchase ever!! Our grandbaby absolutely loves his motorcycle. We are a family of riders and he feels included now!! This bike is so awesome and great way to introduce riding to young riders!!!

Cruiser 12 Plus
Jared Washington
Great bike horrible customer service

I got an email asking for my honest review of my purchase so here it is.
The motorcycle is awesome and my son loves it. The smoke from the exhaust function is not working and I tried to reach out to them two times through email and one time through Instagram and haven't heard anything back yet. I got an email from them asking for a review. So hopefully they see this and finally reply so I can get a working item .

We apologize for our customer service not responding to your messages for several days. This is an area where we need to improve our service quality. We have already replied to you via email, and we hope to provide you with better service and a more positive experience.

The BIKE AWESOME! Customer service however is HORRIBLE. No phone number only email. Apparently when you order a bike WITH training wheels they DON’T come together which it doesn’t say that ANYWHERE!!!! If I’m paying 500 dollars for an item WITH training wheels I expect them to be in the box. Not waiting up to 6weeks for them! So unprofessional. Apparently it is an issue. Now that we finally them they are the worst design ever! The bike is solid! It’s so cute looks like a mini chopper. Real tires but the training wheels are cheap plastic! We’ve had ours not even a month and the training wheels are destroyed already! They don’t lay on the ground so the bike leans bad to one side. Horrible design. We had to beef them up with bolts because what it comes with comes off after a bump.

Worst customer service ever! Avoid!

Cruiser 12

Perfect for my 8 year old son. He absolutely loves it. Rides smooth and lasts long on one charge.

Challenger 12 Plus
Jenn Lusher

This thing is amazing! Our kiddo LOVES it. It’s light/small enough to throw in the back of my Tesla and take with us anywhere. It had everything a kid could ask for and even some things that are downright awesome.

Our kiddo can’t ride a bike so we were nervous that this wouldn’t work as we had issues with a motor bike from radio flyer. But this thing must have some super power balancing skills. This was great.

He’s 7 years old around 60lbs and 4’1. This bike is the perfect size for him. My husband rides our 1 year old around and the bike holds up. My very very tall 13 year old nephews ride it and it holds up!

great bike!

I imagine the company is not that large as they aren’t very responsive on email or social media. If you order make sure you know what you’re getting (stay away from the accessories that seem slow to ship) and won’t need any help on the backside. Keep your order simple. Add training wheels on your own later etc.

Consider ordering from Amazon or Walmart for a better return policy if you’re on the fence about this product.

Almost satisfied

Didn't receive all parts and doesn't have any of the effects that I thought would come with it and also didn't have speedometer

Thank you very much for your interest in our product. Could you please specify which part or parts you have not received? We would be happy to send you any missing components. Additionally, allow us to clarify that the version you purchased is the basic configuration, without any additional features. If you are interested in additional functionalities, you may want to consider our Plus and Pro version. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Awesome bike !!!!!!!!

An awesome bike that is easy to ride and hours of fun

Top notch!

This is such a good find. After a lot of research we found the cruiser 12 and gave it to our 4 year old for Christmas. It’s such high quality, quiet, quick to charge, and super fun to operate. We bought the training wheels but didn’t need them since our son was already good with a balance bike. We think that’s how he picked it up so quickly. Love it and highly recommend!!

I never received the training wheels

Challenger 12
Dad&Mom Soucek
Pure entertainment

We got this for our 3yr old son Challenger12 for Christmas he is having a blast. Good exercise for me as well. Especially when making videos. Every morning he's ready for his ride. Need custom gloves with grips for his little hands. Walked him through the steps one time where everything was and it was a he went. Holding the brake and gas trying to burn out 😂. Years of entertainment to come. He definitely advertises the motorcycle well! YouTube HyperGoGo. challenger12. 3yrs old. Kids ride.
Best buy yet!!!

Boy loves the bike but where’s my training wheels that said they got delivered.