The Unique Details of Hoverboards and Go-Karts - Benefits, Prices and More

    Hoverboards Go Karts Details | HYPER GOGO
    HYPER GOGO offers a fantastic range of hoverboards and go-karts, blending speed and safety for the ultimate children's entertainment. From easy-to-ride hoverboards to thrilling go-karts, discover perfect rides to enhance focus, health, and fun.

    Technology keeps advancing to produce new ways for kids to enjoy and entertain themselves. In the modern age, new, exciting ways of going fast present themselves to children.

    But there are ways to satisfy their newfound need for speed.

    HYPER GOGO has a beautiful range of outdoor hoverboards and go-karts that blend speed and fun to create a real entertainment experience for your kids.

    But how much are these hoverboards and go-karts? How do they work, and what are the features?

    Let's find out, shall we?

    Hoverboards: Traveling at the Speed of Fun

    Toddler Hoverboard | HYPER GOGO

    Hoverboards are motorized vehicles with a platform for users to stand on while mounted on two wheels.

    The hoverboard operates and moves by the way the rider distributes their weight. The device possesses an internal gyroscope and moves in response to the center of gravity.

    It is the perfect toy for children to ride on and play around with.

    Riding a Hoverboard

    Hoverboards are easy to control and stop.

    The kid must place their dominant foot on the board to get them started and add their second foot.

    Once onboard, they have to shift their weight in whichever direction they want, and the hoverboard will move along.

    To come to a halt, the kid has to push their bodies in the opposite direction of their current movement.

    For example, if the kid was moving forward, they could stop by shifting their weight backward to counter the forward direction.

    Hoverboards can be ridden indoors as well as outdoors.

    However, the parents have to ensure that the platform on which the hoverboard is moving is smooth to avoid tripping and collision with obstacles.

    Benefits of a Hoverboard

    It might shock that something as trivial as a hoverboard may have health benefits.

    Kids' hoverboards require deliberate action and effort to pilot, which can contribute to their overall health and well-being.

    • Hoverboards help improve focus, as it takes a lot of focus to move quickly and keep yourself upright and secure.
    • Hoverboards can help improve posture because standing and walking are crucial to maintaining a healthy posture.
    • Hoverboards help to burn calories. Kids can burn over 200 calories from a 30-minute riding session.

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    How Much are Hoverboards?

    Hoverboards are exciting toys you can buy your kids to keep them engaged and energized. Thankfully, HYPER GOGO Hoverboard Collections has a great selection of stylish and safest hoverboards. Check out the collection below.



    H-AURORA Hoverboard


    H-WALLE Hoverboard


    H-WARRIOR All Terrain Hoverboard


    H-RACER Hoverboard


    Features of the Hoverboards

    These sets of hoverboards are all safe and secure.

    They come equipped with fire-safe batteries that prevent overheating and combustion when connected to a charging port.

    With special consideration for kids having fun outdoors, HYPER GOGO recognizes the role music plays.

    Music is an essential part of riding a big tire hoverboard.

    There are built-in Bluetooth speakers that emit sweet melodies to entertain your child.

    The sound design also emits superb car engine sounds and vivid LED lights that excite your kids.

    Go-Karts: Too Fast, Too Fantastic

    Go-karts are small four-wheeled vehicles that can be driven on tracks while powered by a two-stroke engine.

    Go-karts are simple to learn to drive and are accessible to children from a young age.

    HYPER GOGO Collections offers a beautiful selection of kid-friendly go-karts and a fun bundle.

    Furthermore, some go-karts can be combined with hoverboards to create a memorable experience.

    Driving a Go-Kart

    Driving a go-kart for children is straightforward.

    Firstly, the kid must wear a safety helmet and sit snugly in the kart.

    Once comfortably in the kart, they can accelerate on the right pedal and decelerate on the left or brake pedal.

    Steering is done with two hands and turned together to move in a different direction.

    Leaning back makes the child go faster while leaning forward makes the child slow down.

    Benefits of a Go-Kart

    Go-karting can be an exhilarating pastime, but there are some benefits that kids can enjoy from driving a go-kart. Here's a quick rundown of some of the benefits.

    • Go-karting improves concentration and sharpens the mind
    • Due to the constant control of the steering, go-karting improves reflexes in kids
    • The adrenaline rush that comes from go-karting improves alertness and memory
    • The rush of the go-kart increases oxygen flow in a child and feels them up with energy
    • The control of the wheel boosts confidence by giving them a positive attitude towards completing an objective

    How Much are Go-Karts?

    Go-karts are speedy and fun toy vehicles that will boost your child's mood and keep their mind focused and entertained.

    HYPER GOGO Go-Kart Collections features a catalog of excellent go-karts with unique perks to suit your wallet and needs.

    However, it's essential to know that some go-karts have hoverboards attached while others don't. This can be a deciding factor when buying for a child.



    Go-kart Kit (without Hoverboard)

    $399 - $449

    Go-kart with H-Walle Hoverboard Bundle


    Go-kart with H-Racer Hoverboard Bundle


    Go-kart with Hummer Hoverboard Bundle


    Features of the Go-Kart

    The go-karts can be self-built for DIY enthusiasts and feature an adjustable frame that can fit any child of any size.

    There are also shock absorbers to ensure a smooth ride during transit.

    Despite the apparent size of the go-karts, they are pretty portable as they are collapsible and can be fitted into the back of a car for relocation.

    Typically, the go-karts combine with the hoverboard, which serves as the back wheels.

    Therefore, depending on the child's mood, they can ride the hoverboard alone or drive the go-kart.

    Go Kart and Hoverboard | HYPER GOGO


    Hoverboards and go-karts unlock a whole new world in kid's entertainment.

    From the sturdy hoverboard riding to the go-kart's meticulous driving, kids will find so much fun with either toy ride.

    They will exercise and play around while learning about safety and engineering.

    HYPER GOGO collections can make this a reality by supplying you with a unique experience today.


    Can my Kid Ride Both the Hoverboard and the Go-Kart?

    In our collection, you will find that the hoverboards can be combined with go-karts to complete the set. Therefore, depending on the child's mood, they can ride the hoverboard or drive the go-kart.

    How Safe are Hoverboards and Go-Karts?

    As a parent, you should ensure that your child wears protective gear like helmets and pads when riding/driving a hoverboard/go-kart. Both devices have safety measures to ensure your kids do not get hurt.