Electric Small Motorcycle with Parental Controls and GPS Tracking

    Electric Small Motorcycle Controls Gps Tracking | HYPER GOGO
    Explore the Cruiser 12 Plus, a stylish electric motorcycle for kids featuring GPS tracking, parental controls, and a retro design. It offers a safe, customizable, and fun riding experience.

    Ready, set, go on an adventure with an electric small motorcycle Cruiser 12 Plus! Developed for children, this bike combines a stylish retro design with parental control features and ergonomic design. Keep reading to discover all the features of Cruiser 12 Plus (with App).

    Let Your Kid Enjoy the Thrill of the Road

    Electric Small Motorcycle for Kids | HYPER GOGO

    An electric small motorcycle can be your child’s first step into the thrill of driving. Fully controlled and safe, it brings the full experience of riding a motorcycle – even including smoke imitation. With Cruiser 12 Plus (with app), go on a family adventure and let your children engage in the action.

    Fog effect

    The road roars under your motorbike, covering the surroundings with a thick smoke… It’s now possible with a fog effect in Cruiser 12 Plus. Being an absolutely safe and healthy feature, it brings even more enjoyment to the ride. Turn the effect on and off using the application. The Bluetooth feature allows parents to customize the ride even at a distance.

    Bluetooth speakers

    Can you imagine a bike ride without some music? Connect your smartphone to an electric small motorcycle and choose the tunes. Cruiser 12 Plus uses a built-in speaker, so you don’t need any additional systems. Listen to any tunes from your Spotify or YouTube with no additional software.

    RGB audio system

    Let riding on your electric small motorcycle for children be even more joyful! Cruiser 12 Plus speakers are supplemented with an RGB system. Connect your phone and choose the color of the light on your own. All shades of the rainbow are included! Let your kids decide which color suits their mood today.

    Bluetooth Control

    Parental control and safety are the priorities. Cruiser 12 Plus (with app) connects to your smartphone even at a long distance. No matter what adventure you embrace today, parental control is always available:

    1. GPS tracking shows the location of the electric small motorcycle.

    2. Customize your child’s speed to ensure a safe ride. Three adjustable speeds are available within the app.

    3. Choose the music and lighting, and control the fog effect.

    Finally, engage in the parents’ app community to share routes and experiences. The app offers to find Cruiser 12 Plus owners nearby and communicate.

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    Everything for Fun and Creativity

    Let your children open their inner creator! Cruiser 12 Plus (with app) offers customization features so you never get tired of the same design. Order components directly from the HYPER GOGO together with your bike or later.

    Designed for children, styled for everyone

    This electric small motorcycle is crafted in the 60s style, so your kids experience the full motorbike experience. Being a perfect electric motorcycle for 10 year olds, it looks like a full-fledged vehicle. The HYPER GOGO team wanted to implement something new in the quality of children’s motorbikes. No childish designs, no low-quality plastic – instead, the bike fully imitates retro design with its round edges and a unique design idea.

    DIY features included

    With Cruiser 12 Plus (with app), children can craft their own unique vehicle. Change the fenders and fuel tank bags the way you want. Order a Barbie Pink bang bag to add a little of a girly mood, or change colors to your favorite ones. Add to this RGB customization, and your kid gets a field for creativity!

    Top-Notch Engineering For a Smooth Ride

    Safety and quality are every parent’s priority. While your children enjoy the ride, stay calm about what’s inside. The HYPER GOGO experts implemented the best possible components.


    This children’s motorbike is equipped with a full-scale motor, enough for long hours of fun. The 160W hub motor means a smooth ride at any speed. No speed fluctuation or breakages! The ride will be safe and smooth, ensuring your kids’ safety.

    Long-term battery

    Don’t worry about charging your electric small motorcycle all the time. The 21.9V 5.2A is crafted for long-hours rides. No pauses to charge, no worries about being stuck away from home. Just control the charger level and see by yourself – the battery is enough even for a full day of fun.

    Adjustable speed

    Cruiser 12 Plus is equipped with three-speed regimes. Set them within your Cruiser app and make sure the ride is safe. This electric small motorcycle is a perfect idea to teach your kids smooth riding with no risks. And for those who only learn to drive, the model offers adjustable training wheels.

    Customizable Kids Electric Bike | HYPER GOGO

    Enjoy the Purchase – HYPER GOGO Will Take Care of the Details

    Parenthood may be tough and time-consuming. While you enjoy time with your kids and order HYPER GOGO Cruiser 12, the team takes care of details and delivery.

    1. Shipping across the USA and Europe. HYPER GOGO delivers your electric small motorcycle all over the USA (except Alaska and Hawaii) and to European countries.

    2. 3-5 days delivery. Without guaranteeing particular terms, the shop usually delivers your electric motorcycle for kids within 3-5 days. Simultaneously, the European delivery may take longer, but the team does everything possible to speed it up.

    3. 15-day return. Something went wrong? Feel free to return the bike within 15 days. No difficult procedures or tons of papers. Just contact the shop via email and provide your receipt.

    4. Clear refund policy. If you haven’t received a refund for some reason, feel free to contact the shop. You may also address your bank to make it clear. All procedures and money transfers are absolutely clear, so don’t worry about financial details.

    5. 1-year warranty. The team will fix any possible defects.

    Additionally, all goods are shipped for free with no fees. No matter where you are, the FedEx or USPS delivery is cost-free.

    Order Now, and Enjoy Your Ride in Several Days Only

    Are you ready for a ride? Cruiser 12 Plus is a perfect kids electric motorcycle – read the reviews to make sure on your own. Combining design features with long-term components, it provides a smooth ride for kids and peace of mind for parents. If you have two or more children, purchase 2 motorbikes and receive a 5% discount.