Navigating Air Travel with Your Hoverboard: What You Need to Know

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    Curious if you can take a hoverboard on a plane? Learn about airline rules, safety concerns, and practical alternatives.

    Hoverboards, the self-balancing scooters popular among urbanites, are an increasingly popular way to zip around town. But what happens if your journey requires you to fly? If you're wondering if you can bring your hoverboard on a plane, don't worry. This guide explains all the rules and details about taking a hoverboard on an airplane trip.

    Are Hoverboards Permitted on Planes?

    Airlines do not allow hoverboards on their planes because of safety concerns with the batteries they use.

    Lithium-ion batteries are light and efficient, but can overheat and start a fire if damaged or mishandled. In an airplane, the risk of fire spreading quickly is high. To prevent this, airlines have strict rules in place.

    Understanding Airline Policies on Hoverboards

    Prior to traveling with a hoverboard to the airport, you must do your research. Each airline has different regulations regarding these devices that can change rapidly.

    Here's what you should do:

    Visit the airline's website to find out their rules for bringing hoverboards and other battery-powered devices. Look under baggage or special items for this information. Look out for specific categories.

    Contact the airline's customer service if you have questions or need help. You can call or email them before going to the airport. It is always better to be informed than caught unawares upon arriving there.

    Some airlines may let you bring a hoverboard that has a UL2272 certification. But even if it's certified, check with your airline before bringing it on your trip, as permission is not always guaranteed.

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    Can You Bring a Hoverboard Without Lithium Batteries?

    If you're thinking about getting a hoverboard without lithium batteries to avoid this problem, it's not that simple. Most hoverboards use lithium-ion batteries because they are efficient. Other options like lead-acid batteries are less common and bigger, which makes it difficult to bring them on airplanes.

    Some airlines ban hoverboards, even if they don't have lithium batteries. It can be hard to find a hoverboard without lithium. For the best results when flying with these items, contact your airline before your trip. This will give you the most up-to-date information.

    Alternatives to Transporting Hoverboards on Planes

    Just because your hoverboard can't travel with you doesn't mean it must become part of the past - here are a few alternatives:

    Use FedEx or UPS to ship your hoverboard within the US without dealing with airport restrictions. It's a convenient way to get your hoverboard to its destination hassle-free. This can ensure it will be there when you arrive without delays!

    When visiting big cities, consider renting a hoverboard or similar device for a fun and easy way to explore.

    Buy a hoverboard locally when traveling internationally for convenience. Doing this saves having to transport it via air.


    Traveling with a hoverboard can be complicated due to differing policies and safety concerns associated with lithium-ion batteries. Before booking your flight, research the airline and consider other travel options to avoid problems and have a smoother trip.

    Plan and review regulations, and you'll soon be zipping around on your hoverboard - just not inside an airplane cabin!


    Can I bring my hoverboard as checked luggage?

    No, most airlines prohibit hoverboards in both checked and carry-on luggage due to safety concerns with lithium-ion batteries.

    Are there any airlines that allow hoverboards?

    Some airlines may allow UL2272 certified hoverboards, but you must confirm with the airline directly as policies vary.

    What are alternatives to bringing a hoverboard on a plane?

    Consider shipping your hoverboard or renting one at your destination. For international travel, buying a new one locally may be an option.


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