The Best Kids Motorcycle in 2024

    The Best Kids Motorcycle in 2024 | HYPER GOGO
    Explore the best kids' motorcycles in 2024, including HYPER GOGO's Pioneer 12, Cruiser 12 Plus, and Challenger 12 Plus, offering safety, style, and advanced features.

    For children's toys, as they grow older, their interests and game choices gradually change. The shift has been from dolls to owning miniature toy characters, remote-controlled toys, game consoles, and most recently, outdoor activities such as racing cars. Maybe you have one or two racers at home and need the best kids motorcycle as a gift for them, then the HYPER GOGO mini electric motorcycle is your best choice.

    Owning one of these bad boys ensures a safe, hitch-free, and fast way to earn the children's award for best parents in 2024. The HYPER GOGO collection ranges between the Pioneer, Cruiser, and Challenger collections for kids ages six to ten. Let's dive into why these bikes stand out in the crowded market of motorcycle toys for toddlers and youth.

    What Should Parents Know?

    Thankfully, in 2024, there will be an increase in electric mini motorcycle production by various manufacturing brands. However, here at HYPER GOGO, the goal is simply to offer parents the guarantee that their kids' excitement is certain. Before going for any electric vehicle, one key aspect to take into consideration is the warranty, a safety net for repairs and replacements, to mention but a few. Other factors like battery, motorcycle height & weight, and speed are important before moving from cart to checkout.

    • Warranty:All mini electric motorcycles come with warranties, however, depending on manufacturers, the length of the warranty and guidelines that allow you to claim it vary. This is why it is recommended that you research the warranty of that e-motorcycle to confirm that you have the manufacturer's guarantee. Also, if the purchase has been made, read through the terms and conditions guiding the warranty so you are in the loop of what is covered and situations where the warranty is simply void.
    • Battery:Think of the battery as fuel; like traditional motorcycles, it is the life force of these mini kid's toys. It is important to ensure that your child's mini motorcycle can match their playtime. With kids, you are sure of hours and hours of endless playtime, you need an e-motorcycle that matches their demand on average. Also, various types of batteries are available for kids to use with this moped. They usually range from lead-based, nickel-cadmium, and lithium. Of all 3 options, the lithium-ion is known to have the best peak power, this means the maximum power available to your kid without doing damage to the battery.
    • Height & Weight Specifications:Before going into the e-motorcycle market, it is essential to think of your kid's height & weight in conjunction with that of the bike. You do not want to purchase a mini motorcycle that is too small or too big or one that is heavy for your kid or too light that it can barely hold them. This is particularly important to prevent a situation of making returns or getting a kid's mini toy with an exciting lifespan that is short-lived.

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    Top Contenders for Best Kid's Motorcycle in 2024

    There are many factors to be ticked off the checklist when it comes to selecting the best kid's motorcycle for your child, it can be a bit of a daunting task going through webpage after webpage searching for the perfect balance for fun, speed, safety, and cost-effectiveness. The search can now come to an end, famous for their designs, durability, and user-friendliness. Here are the top three kid's motorcycles in 2024 from HYPER GOGO's collections that will surely be every kid's favorite.

    HYPER GOGO Pioneer 12

    This here is the beginner e-motorcycle for kids. If your kid is just starting to learn to ride on two wheels and is not too familiar with how to handle a motorcycle, the Pioneer 12 is a top recommendation and safe bet here is why;

    • Learner's Safety:Pioneer 12 is built like a regular motorcycle, and its design allows kids to sit and balance easily without falling. This mini motorcycle, paired with a set of training wheels, helps safeguard your ward, which is just starting. In addition, the braking system serves as an extra means of safety when riding this 24v motorcycle on training wheels.
    • Designed for children:The Pioneer 12 design was innovatively crafted to accommodate children's needs. The motorcycle for kids has a fuel tank storage unit for keeping children's essentials like bites and water while on their rides.

    One parent had this to say about this beginner mini e-motorcycle, "My granddaughter loves this bike! It looks like the little dirt bike I had as a kid. It seems to be good quality and scoots!"

    HYPER GOGO Cruiser 12 Plus

    If you want a mini motorcycle that offers class and design and guarantees long-lasting fun for your kid, the Cruiser 12 Plus is the ultimate champion. This electric motorcycle, like its name, was made to go fast, becoming every kid's favorite, and here is why:

    • The Cruiser 12 plus uses a lithium-ion battery of 21.9V 5.2A and assures riders of long hours of riding without the worry of constant plug-in or battery drain.
    • As a result of the lithium battery used by HYPER GOGO, this electric motorcycle goes as fast as 10 miles per hour using three different speed modes.
    • Join a class of mini chopper motorcycle owners. The Cruiser 12 collection draws inspiration from old chopper motorcycles from the 60s, making your kid part of the 1%.
    • This mini chopper motorcycle also has a Bluetooth speaker and RGB light show that takes the cool effect from zero to a hundred.

    HYPER GOGO Challenger 12 Plus (APP)

    There is no use purchasing a mini electric toy with no parental control or supervision. HYPER GOGO also keeps parents in the mix, while they may not be riders, they are part of the community. The Challenger 12 Plus (App) is a must-have for your kid as it does more than give control; here are some of the other functions:

    Community: Owning this chopper-style electric bike gives you access to the community. Here, you can connect with other HYPER GOGO parents and create fun activities with the Challenger 12 for those within the same geolocation. You can also share pictures & videos of your kids on the community page.

    Bluetooth control: With the app, you can play their favorite kind of music and set the RBG lights to add extra beauty as they ride

    Navigation: This means knowing where they are and where they are headed and guiding them accordingly.


    In conclusion, when it comes to finding the best kid's motorcycle in 2024, the HYPER GOGO line of mini electric motorcycles stands out from the competition. With options like the beginner-friendly Pioneer 12 with training wheels, the high-performance Cruiser 12 Plus with its lithium-ion battery and chopper styling, and the innovative Challenger 12 Plus with its app connectivity and parental controls


    What are the age/size recommendations for the different HYPER GOGO models?

    The age range for all HYPER GOGO models is between the ages 6 to 10, and a size recommendation of under 65kg.

    Does HYPER GOGO provide a warranty for the mini motorcycles?

    Yes, there is a one-year warranty for all GOGO mini motorcycle collections, as well as free diagnosis and maintenance across all the brand's dealerships.


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