The Best Kids Gift For Christmas Is Here!

    The Best Christmas Gifts for Kids | HYPER GOGO
    This comprehensive guide showcases Hyper Gogo's top Christmas gifts for kids, featuring the Cruiser 12 Plus, Hyper GoGo Go-Kart, 8.5" Lambo Hoverboard, and Hyper Quad ATV. Each product blends safety, fun, and adventure, ensuring a memorable and thrilling experience for young explorers and aspiring racers.

    As the festive season approaches, the quest for the perfect Christmas gift for our little ones begins. This year, the magic of Christmas can be found in the exhilarating world of Hyper Gogo's electric rides. Whether your child dreams of cruising down the neighborhood streets, racing around a track, embarking on off-road adventures, or exploring the outdoors, Hyper Gogo's range of innovative riding toys - the Cruiser 12 Plus, Hyper GoGo Go-Kart, 8.5" Lambo Hoverboard, and Hyper Quad ATV - offer an unmatched combination of fun, safety, and adventure. Let's dive into the world of these exciting gifts that promise to make this Christmas unforgettable for your children.

    Unleash the Joy of Riding: Hyper Gogo Cruiser 12 Plus

    If you're looking for the perfect gift for your kids, the Hyper Gogo Cruiser 12 Plus is a can't-miss option. This mini chopper motorcycle blends retro charm with modern technology and is guaranteed to put a smile on any kid's face.

    Vintage Style Meets Modern Tech

    Inspired by the classic chopper design, the Cruiser 12 Plus is a beautiful rendition of the 60s and 70s vintage locomotives. Its design is not just about aesthetics; it's about bringing a piece of history to your child's playtime. The ability to customize the motorcycle with different accessories like fenders and fuel tank bags adds a personal touch, fostering creativity and hands-on skills in your child.

    Safety and Entertainment Combined

    Safety is a paramount concern, and this electric moto doesn't disappoint. Equipped with a 21.9V 5.2A lithium-ion battery and a 160W hub motor, it ensures a smooth and safe ride. What's more exciting is the inclusion of a built-in Bluetooth speaker and a unique RGB audio system, turning each ride into a vibrant light show. Imagine your child cruising with their favorite tunes, surrounded by dazzling lights – it's pure joy on wheels!

    Speed and Control at Their Fingertips

    The Cruiser 12 Plus offers three adjustable speeds, with a maximum of 10 mph, allowing your child to experience the thrill of riding while ensuring their safety. The simulated fog removal feature and real engine sounds enhance the overall experience, making every ride an adventure.

    • HYPER GOGO Cruiser 12
      HYPER GOGO Cruiser 12 Plus
      From $369.00
      DIY children's electric motorcycle

      Vehicle Size | 42.72" x 24.57" x 26.77"
      Weight | 37.48 lbs
      Battery | Lithium-ion 21.9V 5.2Ah
      Motor | 24V 160W
      Maximum Load | 143.30 lbs
      Maximum Speed | 10 mph
      Range | 6.21 miles
      Transmission | 3-speed

      Brakes | Rear Hub Brake
      Tire Size | 12" x 2.5"
      Odometer | Yes
      Mudguards | Yes
      APP | No
      Ambient Lights | Yes
      Simulated Smoke | Yes
      Bluetooth Speaker | Yes

    Drift into Fun: Hyper GoGo Go-Kart Bundle

    For the aspiring racers, the Hyper GoGo Go-Kart Bundle is a dream come true. This go-kart transforms the hoverboard experience into a racing adventure, suitable for both kids and adults.

    Easy Assembly, Endless Fun

    Setting up the go-kart is a breeze – it takes less than 30 seconds to attach it to a hoverboard using hook and loop fasteners. The adjustable frame caters to all sizes, ensuring that everyone in the family can join in the fun.

    Safety and Comfort in Every Ride

    The shock absorbers provide a comfortable racing experience, while the collapsible design makes it easy to transport. Whether you're planning a day out in the park or a visit to the grandparents, this go-kart is the perfect companion.

    Power and Control

    With a net weight of 43.7 lbs and a maximum payload of 198 lbs, this go-kart is both lightweight and sturdy. The mechanical brake system ensures a safe ride, while the different speed modes offer control over the driving experience.

    • Gokart Kit (hoverboard Not Included) | HYPER GOGO
      Gokart + H-racer Hoverboard Bundle
      From $638.00
      Kid Gokart
      Fits most hoverboards, maybe your hoverboard was bought elsewhere, but don't worry because this kart is compatible with most hoverboards on the market. (except Ninebot models). Whether your hoverboard wheel size is 6.5 inches, 8.5 inches or 10 inches.

    Off-Road Adventures Await: 8.5" Lambo Hoverboard

    The 8.5" Off-Road Lambo Hoverboard is for those who crave adventure. This self-balancing scooter is suitable for both adults and kids and is designed to tackle any terrain.

    Safety and Performance Hand in Hand

    Equipped with UL 2271 Certified Firesafe batteries and fire-retardant casing, this hoverboard prioritizes safety above all. The dual 300 watt motors and rugged tires ensure a smooth ride across various terrains like sand and grass.

    Speed and Style in One Package

    With a top speed of 10 mph and a Lambo style design, this hoverboard is not just a ride; it's a style statement. The racing sounds and sleek design will make your child feel like they're part of a racing league.

    • H-Racer Hoverboard | HYPER GOGO
      H-Racer Hoverboard
      From $369.00
      Kid H-Racer Hoverboard

      Color (Optional) | Black, Carbon fiber, Red, Yellow
      Maximum Uphill Limit /Inclination | 15 °
      Maximum Speed | 15km/h(9.3mph)
      Autonomy | 15km/9.3miles
      Maximum Capacity | 120kg(264 lbs)

      Charging Time | 3.5 hours
      Speeds Level | Three (3) selective speed modes
      Weight | 18kg (40 lbs)
      Dimensions | 67x22x24 cm / 26.4*8.7*9.6 inch

    Explore the Outdoors: Hyper Quad 4-Wheeler ATV

    Lastly, for the off-road enthusiasts, the 36V Electric 4-Wheeler ATV Hyper Quad is an unbeatable choice. This ATV is designed for kids and teens, offering a safe and thrilling ride.

    Prioritizing Safety

    With heavy-duty handlebar clamps and large air-filled rubber tires, this ATV ensures stability and safety. The Kids mode, accessible via an app, limits the top speed, offering peace of mind to parents.

    Power and Terrain Mastery

    The 350W motor provides enough power to navigate through challenging terrains. The colorful LED lights add a fun element to the ride, while the Bluetooth speaker allows your child to enjoy their favorite music on the go.

    Specifications for a Smooth Ride

    The Hyper Quad can reach speeds of up to 10 MPH and support a maximum weight of 165 lbs. The pneumatic tires and rear disc brakes ensure a smooth and safe ride, while the app functionality adds a layer of customization and control.


    The joy of giving is unparalleled, especially when it makes your children happy. This Christmas, choose from these great ride-on toys from Hypergogo - each one combining safety, fun and adventure. Whether it’s the classic appeal of the Cruiser 12 Plus kids motorcycle, the thrilling racing experience of the Hyper GoGo Kart, the adventurous spirit of the 8.5-inch Lambo hoverboard, or the rugged outdoor appeal of the Hyper Quad ATV – there’s something for every young adventurer and aspiring adventurer racing driver.


    Q1: What safety features does the Hyper Gogo Cruiser 12 Plus have?

    The Cruiser 12 Plus is equipped with a 21.9V 5.2A lithium-ion battery and a 160W hub motor, ensuring a smooth and safe ride. Additionally, it offers three adjustable speeds with a maximum of 10 mph for controlled and safe riding.

    Q2: Can adults use the Hyper GoGo Go-Kart Bundle?

    Yes, the adjustable frame of the Hyper GoGo Go-Kart allows both kids and adults to enjoy the drift experience. It's designed to accommodate different sizes for a versatile family fun experience.

    Q3: How long does the battery last on the 8.5" Lambo Hoverboard?

    The 8.5" Lambo Hoverboard features a 36V, 4.0AH lithium-ion battery that offers a range of up to 9.3 miles on a single charge, with a charging time of approximately 3.5 hours.