Are Kids Playing with Toys? Rarely, Here is How to Change That

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    In an age dominated by screens, finding ways to encourage kids to play with toys can seem like a daunting task. This post explores creative and practical strategies to reignite the joy of play in children, fostering a love for toys and imaginative activities.

    Gone are the days when parents were worried about when their kids would come back from their playgrounds. Now, the worries have shifted to what their kids are consuming over their devices. Physical activity and fitness have now become the least of our concerns because of how our world has victimized children with dangerous digital interactions and bullying.

     Have all kids given up on their toys to indulge in the virtual world? Or are some kids saved? Can this trend be reversed with the help of a more thoughtful toy collection?

    Fortunately, we still have some hope. Hear me out: Outdoor toys and activities are better at keeping our children from browsing dangerous websites than indoor toys. Before you drag your kid's mini chopper motorcycle out of the garage to lure them out of the nest, read up on all the ways to attract your kids.

    Go for A Walk

    Yeah, just that! You may believe that your kids have grown out of the phase when they needed your company, but that’s a far-fetched lie. They are still your little buddies who enjoyed spending time with you. Yes, they need some time to believe that these magical moments are really happening before expressing their excitement. So, give them that – some time to re-kindle your relationship with your kids.

    During this time, give them your full attention. Ask about their lives, their goals, and their struggles. Prevent yourself from rolling your eyes when they mention how they want to get back at their rival in Minecraft, by the way, it’s not gonna help.

    Spend some time with them with zero judgment and complete understanding. Do this regularly, and you will not only motivate them enough to live in the real world but also bond with them and gain their trust.

    Explore a New Hobby

    Think about building new things together with your child. It can be a renovation project for your garage or cupboards. Or it can be learning to paint the fence, carve wood, or landscape your backyard. It can also be a weekly or bi-weekly all-family biking ritual on biking track if your town has one. Your kids will enjoy the mini chopper motorcycle rides along with your electric bikes.

    Make sure this activity is age-appropriate and attracts mutual interest from all people involved. Also, you would like to make exploration and learning a crucial part of your schedule to keep it attractive for kids. So, learn, and urge them to browse and learn, new skills from a course of free tutorials and make your hobby a joy.

    Simple yet Outdoor

    Understand that simplicity is the key to fun for kids. We assume that kids will be happy with luxurious toys and possessions when their behavior contradicts this belief. Make no mistake, it’s simpler things that are open-ended enough to command the curiosity of children. So, next time, you search for the best toy for your kids, make sure it’s simple. Think of balls, crafting kits, crafting tools, motorcycles, skateboards, trampolines, and likes as some examples.

    At the same time, prefer outdoor activities as much as possible. While your kid may love to knit a scarf one time for himself for the next hiking trip, he may not want to spend lots of time doing this activity again and again because of physical inactivity in brings. Instead, he would love to assemble and disassemble wooden sleds and carts for pretend play over and over again.

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    Include Physical Activity

    Any play that involves physical activity is likely to attract children more than another that is based only on mental activity. This effect is more pronounced for younger children than older ones, but the preference for physical play persists till our last breath.

    So, get your kids moving with activities that involve lots of movements. That may just mean accessorizing nurseries with wall climbers so your toddlers can practice moving up from a young age. It can also mean dedicating floor space in your home for drawing hopscotch and similar games. Note how these are simply built into the architecture and require minimal to no equipment. Simply put, your kids don’t need over-the-top toys and gifts to get enough motivation to play with them. These preparations can be simple and long-lasting.

    Remember Their Choice

    In the end, the most important thing that will encourage them to interact with physical toys instead of screens is their choice. What kind of play do they like? What type of crafts excites them most? It’s even better if you explore their interest together with them before choosing the relevant activities and toys.

    But don’t take this exploration too seriously. Children grow and change their minds. They may outgrow a phase or obsession only to adopt a new one. If you are interested in educating a balance between the real and digital world, you will keep up with these obsessions.

    Take Away

    Last time I checked, the kids were still interested in playing with toys, but there was a catch - they needed the toys to be relevant to them, their age, and their interests. Don't worry, unlike what we think, children's interests are simple and standard for all. They prefer physical toys like small motorcycles to mental toys like pretend kitchen utensils.

    Secondly, kids love simpler, open-ended toys more than well-defined toys that are usable for a single activity. In other words, a cycle will be way more fun than a LEGO set for a single building or machinery.


    Why are outdoor toys and activities considered better than indoor toys for children's engagement?

    Outdoor toys and activities are deemed better because they prevent children from surfing dangerous websites and encourage physical activity, thereby reducing their exposure to digital dangers and bullying.

    What is the significance of parents spending time with their children, according to the article?

    Spending time with children is crucial for rekindling relationships, building trust, and motivating them to engage more with the real world. It involves giving them full attention, participating in activities together, and showing interest in their lives without judgment.

    How does the article suggest balancing children's interests between digital and physical play? 

    The article suggests exploring children's interests together, choosing age-appropriate and mutually interesting activities, and opting for simpler, open-ended toys that promote physical activity. It emphasizes the importance of adapting to children's changing interests and finding a balance between digital and physical worlds.


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