Moped with training wheels for young motorcycle enthusiasts

    Moped With Training Wheels For Young Motorcycle Enthusiasts | HYPER GOGO
    The Cruiser 12 Plus moped from HYPER GOGO is revolutionizing kids' first riding experience with safety and fun.

    HYPER GOGO’s Cruiser 12 Plus isn’t just another kids motorbike, it’s a groundbreaking moped with training wheels designed to provide a safe and exciting riding experience for kids on their first two-wheeled adventure. .

    This motorcycle is equipped with adjustable training wheels, which is perfect for children who are just getting started, ensuring a smooth and safe ride as they become familiar with the operation. The Cruiser 12 Plus is ideal for boys with a recommended height of 5’3” or above and girls with a height of 2’9” or above, making it a versatile option for young riders of all sizes.

    Ride to the Rhythm of Bluetooth Tunes with Added Safety

    The Cruiser 12 Plus kids' electric moto features an innovative Bluetooth music playback system with a built-in speaker, allowing kids to immerse themselves in the magic of music safely as they ride. This motorcycle for kids, with its added training wheels, not only enhances the fun of riding but also ensures that kids stay engaged and entertained securely.

    Experience the RGB Audio System & Fog Effects for an Enthralling Ride

    This kids' motorcycle with training wheels comes equipped with a unique RGB audio system and simulated fog removal feature, transforming each ride into a vibrant light show and adventure through thick fog. These features, combined with the safety of training wheels, make the Cruiser 12 Plus a thrilling yet secure option for young riders.

    Designed for Children with Adjustable Features

    The Cruiser series is inspired by vintage Chopper style, offering kids an extraordinary riding experience that is both fun and safe thanks to the moped's training wheels. The adjustable nature of these training wheels makes the Cruiser 12 Plus a perfect motorcycle for kids, adapting to their growing confidence and skills.

    Long-Lasting Fun with a Large Capacity Battery

    Equipped with a 21.9V 5.2A lithium-ion battery, this kids' electric motorcycle with training wheels promises endless exploration and fun. The Cruiser 12 Plus ensures that your child can enjoy long hours of riding without the worry of frequent battery changes.

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    Safe and Adjustable Speeds for Varied Adventures

    Featuring a 160W hub motor and three adjustable speeds up to 10 mph, the Cruiser 12 Plus with training wheels offers a safe yet exciting ride for kids. Whether it's gliding on smooth roads or navigating winding trails, this moped with training wheels turns all terrain into a playground of adventure.

    Supreme Enthrallment with the Cruiser 12 Plus

    The Cruiser 12 Plus stands out as an electrifying children's electric motorcycle, offering an unmatched entertainment experience with its captivating design and cutting-edge features. This motorcycle with training wheels for kids not only provides excitement and joy but also ensures a safe riding adventure.

    DIY Personalization for Creative Fun

    With a personalized DIY design inspired by vintage locomotives, the Cruiser 12 Plus allows kids to customize their ride with accessories such as fenders and fuel tank bags. This not only caters to their individual preferences but also encourages creativity and hands-on skills, making the Cruiser 12 Plus the perfect motorcycle with training wheels for kids who love to explore and create

    Ride in Style: The Ultimate Cool Factor Kids Motorcycle

    The Cruiser 12 Plus encapsulates the essence of childhood adventure and style. Imagine your child cruising down the block on this electrifying ride-on motorcycle, their smile as wide as the road ahead. This isn't just a motorcycle; it's a statement. With its sleek design, light-up LED wheels, and robust battery-powered engine, it's the epitome of cool.

    This motorcycle guarantees an unforgettable riding experience, turning heads and sparking conversations. Whether it's the adjustable speed settings or the vibrant LED displays, every detail is crafted to ensure your kid feels like the coolest on the block, embodying the joy and freedom of youthful exploration.

    Final Words

    The Cruiser 12 Plus stands out as the ultimate choice for parents in search of a secure, exhilarating, and adaptable ride for their young ones. Boasting features such as motorcycle training wheels, adjustable speeds, and a safety-centric design, this kids' electric motorcycle is tailored to deliver a protected yet delightful journey for children.

    With its adjustable height, light-up LED wheels, and suitability for kids ages 3-12, this kick motorcycle for kids ensures a tailor-made fit for boys and girls alike. Its battery-powered electric core brings the excitement of riding a motorcycle with light-up wheels.

    Additionally, the versatility of a 3-wheel motorcycle for toddlers positions the Cruiser 12 Plus as the perfect vehicle for budding explorers. Making every kid's ride an adventure waiting to unfold, it captures the essence of youthful exploration and the joy of learning to ride.


    What age range is suitable for this ultimate moped with training wheels?

    This moped with training wheels is designed for kids ages 3 to 5 as long as you adhere to the manufacturer's recommended height of 5' 3" or above for boys or 2' 9" or above for girls.

    Are the wheels on this motorcycle light up?

    Yes, the wheels on this motorcycle have LED light-up features.

    Is the height adjustable on this kick motorcycle for kids?

    Yes, the height of this motorcycle is adjustable to grow with your child.

    Does this training motorcycle come with the necessary safety gear?

    Safety gear like helmets and pads are not typically included with the motorcycle and should be purchased separately.


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