HYPER GOGO Crusier 12 Plus: Fashion Cruises

    Children's Electric Motorcycle Bike
    Explore the amazing features that make the Discover 12 Plus the best option for young explorers.

    Introducing the ground-breaking electric motorbike for youngsters, the HYPER GOGO Discover 12 Plus. This special ride is designed to immerse your child in a brand-new world of riding discovery, sparking their imagination and enhancing their enjoyment. It is packed with thrilling elements including illumination, exhilarating effects, and engine echo. Explore the amazing features that make the Discover 12 Plus the best option for young explorers.

    Illumination - Riding with Radiant Color-Shifting Lights

    One of the standout features of the Discover 12 Plus is its stunning illumination system. Inspired by the captivating color-shifting lights, this electric motorcycle creates a mesmerizing visual experience for children. The vibrant lights change color as they ride, transforming their journey into an enchanting spectacle. This unique feature adds an element of magic to their rides, making every adventure a truly memorable one.

    Thrill - Groove to the Beat with Bluetooth Melodies

    Music has the power to enhance any experience, and the Discover 12 Plus understands this well. Equipped with a built-in Bluetooth speaker, this electric motorcycle allows children to groove to their favorite tunes while riding. Whether they are indoors or out in the open, the immersive rhythm and melody will elevate their enjoyment to new heights. The fusion of thrilling rides and catchy beats creates an experience that is bound to captivate young riders.

    Engine Echo - Feel the Excitement of Mist Simulation

    The Discover 12 Plus takes the riding experience to a whole new level with its simulated fog effect. This intriguing feature immerses kids in a lifelike riding environment, as if they are embarking on an adventurous journey through a dense mist. The mist simulation adds an element of excitement and realism to their rides, fueling their imagination and allowing them to truly relish their motorcycling adventures.

    Extended Battery Life for Endless Fun

    Parents can rest assured that the Discover 12 Plus is equipped with a reliable and long-lasting lithium-ion battery. The 22.2V 5.2Ah battery ensures prolonged hours of enjoyment for young explorers, eliminating the need for frequent battery changes. With this dependable battery, children can indulge in continuous exploration and play, bringing tranquility to parents and endless delight to their young riders.

    Powerful Engine for Enjoyable and Safe Rides

    Safety is a top priority, and the Discover 12 Plus is designed to provide both enjoyment and security for young riders. The electric motorcycle is powered by a 150W hub motor, offering a smooth power output that ensures a balance between thrill and safety during their rides. With this reliable companion, children can indulge in worry-free fun, knowing that their rides are both enjoyable and secure.

    The Discover 12 Plus offers various unique features that set it apart from other electric motorcycles on the market. From the built-in Bluetooth speaker, allowing children to groove to their favorite tunes while riding, to the simulated fog effect that immerses them in a lifelike environment, every detail has been carefully crafted to enhance their adventure.

    Furthermore, the Discover 12 Plus embraces customization with its DIY design. Inspired by classic locomotives, children can personalize their motorcycles by swapping accessories such as fenders and fuel tank bags. This not only caters to their individual tastes but also fosters their creativity and practical skills, making each ride a truly unique and engaging experience.

    Safety is paramount, and the Discover 12 Plus prioritizes it with its smooth power output and reliable braking system. The 150W hub motor provides a balanced blend of enjoyment and safety, allowing children to have fun while ensuring peace of mind for parents.

    To further elevate the experience, HYPER GOGO offers an intelligent control App that allows parents to actively participate in their child's thrilling adventure. Through the app, you can control the lighting and speed settings, creating a customized riding experience and strengthening the bond between you and your little ones.


    The HYPER GOGO Discover 12 Plus Electric Motorcycle for Kids is an exceptional choice for young riders seeking an immersive, thrilling, and safe riding experience. With its innovative features, customizable design, and emphasis on family engagement, it's no wonder why this electric motorcycle stands out from the rest.

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    Q1: What age range is the HYPER GOGO Discover 12 Plus suitable for?

    The Discover 12 Plus is suitable for children aged 3 to 8 years old.

    Q2: Is the Discover 12 Plus safe for kids?

    Yes, the Discover 12 Plus is designed with safety in mind. It features a reliable braking system, sturdy construction, and speed settings that can be adjusted to match the child's comfort level.

    Q3: How long does the battery last?

    The lithium-ion battery of the Discover 12 Plus provides a range of approximately 12.43 miles, depending on the riding conditions.

    Q4: Can the accessories be easily swapped for customization?

    Yes, the Discover 12 Plus offers a DIY design that allows children to easily swap accessories such as fenders and fuel tank bags, enabling them to customize their ride according to their preferences.