Get the Best Out of Bluetooth Hoverboards

    Get the Best Out of Bluetooth Hoverboards | HYPER GOGO
    Explore the exciting world of Bluetooth hoverboards with the HYPER GOGO Collection. From classic to off-road and self-balancing types, these hoverboards offer a safe, fun ride with music and lights.

    Hoverboards are exciting mobile toys that offer fun in the form of mobility and adventure. Hoverboards present the coolest experiences for a child and never go out of style. The use of body weight to move around makes hoverboards a simple toy to learn and master in a short amount of time.

    However, hoverboards do not simply have to move around alone. Combined with Bluetooth capabilities, these electric hoverboards can create an entirely fist-pumping experience rich with sound and light. HYPER GOGO Collection has a wide catalog of Bluetooth hoverboards to turn your kid's hangouts into mini-concerts.

    Connecting to the Bluetooth on a Hoverboard

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    Utilizing the Bluetooth connection on a hoverboard allows the user to turn on music while riding around. Parents can create playlists for their kids and have them rock and roll as they ride around.

    When connecting the hoverboard to the Bluetooth, the first thing to do is to;

    • Turn on the hoverboard. Once the hoverboard is on,
    • Turn on the Bluetooth mode on your phone and search for available devices to pair with.
    • The hoverboard device should pop up on the list of available devices to connect to.
    • All you have to do is click on it, and the Bluetooth device will be ready to pair.

    Safety Comes First

    It is essential for parents to equip their kids with protective gear for their hoverboards. Hoverboards are sturdy, but they can still succumb to human error. In the event of a tumble, protective gear like helmets or pads will help cushion their fall.

    Furthermore, with the addition of Bluetooth capabilities, it's important to play music at a respectable level depending on the environment. If the kids are at a family gathering with lots of adults, then the music can be played at a moderately loud tempo provided that there is enough supervision.

    However, when riding the Bluetooth hoverboard in a more public area, it's important for the kids to maintain a lower volume. This helps to avoid distractions and also prevent noise disruptions in the neighborhood.

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    Types of Bluetooth Hoverboards

    Traditionally, there are three main types of hoverboards, and all three have variants with Bluetooth capabilities. The different types are classic, off-road, and self-balancing.

    · Classic Bluetooth Hoverboard

    The classic hoverboard is the most common type that you will come across. They have a standard body frame and gyroscope for mobility. However, the major feature that they lack is a smart balancing mode.

    Nevertheless, the classic hoverboard can work both indoors and outdoors. A child can take the classic hoverboard out on the pavement or sidewalk.

    A wonderful example of functionality and design combined to perfection, the classic hoverboard comes with a sturdy carry bag that you can use to store it. With a single charge, it can travel 15 kilometers; the charging process takes only 120 minutes.

    The battery is highly durable and can run for nearly 24 hours on one full charge. With a 15-degree incline, the classic Bluetooth hoverboard can skirt across most urban terrain without struggle. When it comes to speed, this toy ride can reach a top speed of 15 km/h. Meanwhile, watery or muddy surfaces will not damage the hoverboard and its Bluetooth connectivity as it features dustproof and waterproof abilities.

    · Off-Road Bluetooth Hoverboard

    A great toy ride to carry along for camping trips. The off-road hoverboard allows kids to ride around on rougher terrain out in the woods. They are also referred to as all-terrain hoverboards. The hoverboard features big tires that allow for smooth navigation over uneven surfaces like gravel and stone. This outdoor hoverboard boasts a huge Bluetooth range of 10 miles that keeps the music going for a prolonged period.

    Due to its off-road nature, the battery life is significantly extended compared to the classic hoverboard. The built-in no-fall drive maintains the equilibrium of the board and greatly reduces the chances of a fall.

    With a tough and durable exterior, the off-road hoverboard is rugged against the coarse terrain of the outdoors and doesn't scratch easily. While riding outside, evening time can descend during the fun ride, but not to worry, the LED lights offer illumination to help the rider see better when natural lights go dim.

    · Self-Balancing Bluetooth Hoverboard

    The self-balancing hoverboard is the pinnacle of stability and equilibrium. This sturdy hoverboard has a smart balance mode which actively reacts to any sudden change in weight while on the hoverboard. It has the strongest internal gyroscope and it is ideal for absolute beginners just learning the ropes on hoverboard.

    The Bluetooth capabilities are wide and grand, with up to 15 miles, granting the user great surround sound and bass. You can get lost in the music without worrying about shifting your weight too much, as the smart balance system course corrects.

    Furthermore, there are RGB LED light rings that circle the wheels and give off a dynamic light show while riding. The self-balancing hoverboard itself weighs little and allows for easy carriage by children themselves.

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    Buying an Ideal Bluetooth Hoverboard

    HYPER GOGO Collections boasts a rich inventory of Bluetooth hoverboards that each makes for a unique riding experience. However, here are some things to consider before you pick and choose a hoverboard.

    • Check the charge time; different hoverboards, especially the Bluetooth-enabled ones, have varying charge times. So, if you want to keep the fun largely uninterrupted, pick a swiftly charging hoverboard
    • Safety and security are no joke; hence, make sure to check that the Bluetooth hoverboard is UL-certified. This means that the hoverboard sticks to the industry guidelines
    • Good range ensures that the music goes on without interruptions. Make sure to pick a Bluetooth hoverboard with excellent range


    Listening to music on the move is a great way to unwind and energize. HYPER GOGO Collections has a great selection of Bluetooth-enabled hoverboards that keep the party going. Endeavor to pick the right hoverboard for the right terrain and let your kids have a fantastic time riding and playing.


    Are There Different Types of Bluetooth Hoverboards?

    Yes, there are three main types, namely, classics, off-road and self-balancing. Each type has its unique features.

    Is it Safe for My Kids to Ride and Play Music at The Same Time?

    For the Bluetooth hoverboards, music is a core aspect. However, not to worry, it is safe for kids to use the Bluetooth features to play music while riding. The connection doesn't affect the ride quality of the hoverboard.