Charging Time Needed for a Kids Motorbike: What Parents Should Know

    Charging Kids Motorbike | HYPER GOGO
    Learn essential tips for charging your kids' motorbike battery, ensuring long life and optimal performance with easy-to-follow guidelines.

    Charging your child's motorbike battery correctly can drastically extend its lifespan and ensure more fun-filled playtime.

    This article covers the essentials for properly charging a kids motorbike battery and provides helpful tips for avoiding potential pitfalls.

    How Long Should a Kids' Motorbike Battery Be Charged?

    As different motorbikes feature different battery types and charging requirements, parents must understand their child's motorbike to prevent undercharging or overcharging, which could compromise its performance and lead to dangerous results.

    Common Battery Types

    • 6V Batteries require 6-8 hours for a full charge.

    • 12V Batteries usually need 10-12 hours for a full charge.

    • 24V Batteries can take up to 18 hours for a complete charge.

    Charging Guidelines for First Use

    Before riding your motorbike for the first time, its battery must be fully charged in order to maximize its initial capacity. Most manufacturers suggest charging for 10-18 hours during its initial charge cycle.

    HYPER GOGO TIP: Charging your battery at the recommended times will ensure optimal performance and lifespan, so regular charging after each use is key to ensuring optimal battery health and lifespan.

    Regular Charging After Each Use

    To preserve battery health, a motorbike must be charged after every use - even if only briefly - following manufacturer recommendations is crucial in order to avoid undercharging its batteries.

    Typical Charging Time

    • 6-18 hours, depending on the battery type and the usage.

    Best Practices

    • Always charge your battery fully after each use to prolong its lifespan over time.

    • Partial charges can cause incomplete cycles and lower its lifespan over time.

    Impact of Terrain on Battery Life

    The type of terrain on which one rides a motorbike has an enormous effect on its battery's performance. Hilly or uneven terrain quickly drains it compared with flatter surfaces like driveways.

    Battery Lifespan Tips

    • For Flat Terrain, expect longer battery life and range.

    • For Hilly Terrain, the battery may need more frequent charging due to increased power demand.

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    Maintaining Battery Health

    Proper battery care is key to making sure that your child's motorbike remains functional for as long as possible. Here are some tips on keeping its batteries healthy.

    Regular Charging Schedule 

    • Charge after every use, regardless of the duration of use.

    • If the motorbike is not used regularly, charge the battery at least once a month to prevent it from losing capacity.

    Storage Tips

    • Winter Storage: Before storing the motorbike for extended periods in cold weather, fully charge its battery first to avoid slow discharge.

    • For long-term storage purposes, disconnect its battery in order to prevent further slow discharge. Troubleshooting battery issues is a good step as well.

    Troubleshooting Battery Issues

    On occasion, you may run into battery issues. Here's how to identify and address common problems.

    Battery Won't Hold Charge

    • Possible Cause: Frequent partial charges or improper storage.

    • Solution: Try performing a full cycle of charging and discharging to recalibrate the battery; if this doesn't help, consider purchasing another.

    Charger Not Working

    • Possible Cause: The charger itself may be defective.

    • Solution: Review its warranty and purchase one with identical specifications to replace it as soon as necessary.

    Avoiding Overcharging and Undercharging

    Overcharging can cause overheating and lead to battery damage while undercharging can result in low power and shorten its lifecycle.

    Here are some strategies for avoiding these problems.

    Use of an Appropriate Charger

    • Break up your charger knowledge before selecting an enhanced or original charger to use with your motorcycle or one recommended by its manufacturer.

    • For quicker charging needs, 12-Volt Quick Chargers provide fast-charging capability while having automatic shutoff to prevent overheating.

    Monitor Charging Time Set Reminders:

    • Set Reminders: Use timers or alarms to ensure you unplug the charger once the battery is fully charged.

    • Automatic Shut-off: Prefer chargers with an automatic shut-off feature to avoid the risk of overcharging.


    Proper charging and maintenance of your kids motorcycle battery is integral to its life and reliability. Be sure to follow HYPER GOGO's recommendations on charging times and maintenance to keep everything running smoothly.

    By adhering to these practices, you can help your child enjoy their motorbike safely for longer and bring many enjoyable hours of playback.

    Additional Tips

    • Refer to Manufacturer's Manual: Always consult the motorbike’s manual for specific instructions related to charging and maintenance.

    • Regular Inspections: Carry out regular checks on both battery and charger to make sure that both remain in top working order.

    With these guidelines in hand, you are well-equipped to effectively and safely manage your child's motorbike battery for maximum fun and longevity.


    How long should I charge my kids' motorbike battery for the first time?

    Charge for 10-18 hours initially to ensure full capacity.

    How often should I charge the motorbike battery after use?

    Charge after every use for 6-18 hours, depending on the battery type.

    Can I use a different charger for the motorbike battery?

    No, always use the charger recommended by the manufacturer to avoid damage.


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