What Toys Should I Bring for My Child When Camping?

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    Learn about the best toys for kids to take camping, including ride-on toys, educational games, and creative activities for an enjoyable outdoor adventure.

    Camping with children can be an incredible adventure, providing them with an opportunity to discover nature while building strong family ties.

    Bring along toys that will engage and entertain your children throughout their camping adventure, with special attention being given to ride on toys as part of this guide.

    We provide your child with an unforgettable and fun camping adventure by providing educational games and outdoor sports equipment, as well as providing memorable camping adventures for them to remember!

    Ride-On Toys for Camping

    Benefits of Ride-On Toys

    Ride-on toys provide children with a fun way to explore their environments while building motor skills and exercising physical muscles. In camping situations, ride-on toys help give children independence as they navigate campsites - providing an exciting sense of freedom and adventure!

    Choosing the Right Ride-On Toy for Camping

    Selecting an ideal ride-on toy for camping requires carefully considering both your child's age and terrain. Lightweight yet durable toys that can handle rough ground are best. Also, consider how easily transportable and stored this toy is since space may be limited.

    Top Ride-On Toys for Camping

    • Balance Bikes: Perfect for toddlers, these bikes help improve balance and coordination.
    • Scooters: Compact and easy to carry, scooters are great for older kids and can be used on various surfaces.
    • Battery-Powered Ride-Ons: For campsites with flatter terrain, a battery-powered kids motorcycle or ATV can provide an exciting adventure.
    • All-Terrain Ride-Ons: These are designed to handle rugged surfaces, making them suitable for forest or mountain camping.

    Educational Toys

    Why Bring Educational Toys?

    Educational toys are an effective way to keep children active and learning while away from home, providing fun-filled learning activities and creative pursuits on camping trips - making the whole experience both educational and enjoyable!

    Top Educational Toys for Camping

    • Nature Exploration Kits: Encourage kids to explore and understand their environment with kits containing magnifying glasses, bug catchers and guidebooks.
    • Puzzle Games: Portable yet challenging puzzles provide children with an excellent way to develop problem-solving skills and foster independence.
    • Educational Books: Books on nature, wildlife, and camping can make learning about the great outdoors an engaging experience.
    • STEM Toys: Science kits or engineering sets designed specifically to be used outdoors add an educational twist to camping.

    Outdoor Sports Equipment

    Importance of Physical Activity

    Physical activity is integral to children's overall health and development. Camping provides an exceptional opportunity to participate in outdoor sports that promote physical fitness as well as team spirit.

    Top Outdoor Sports Equipment for Camping

    • Frisbees: Lightweight and easy to pack, frisbees make great outdoor entertainment.
    • Soccer Balls: Ideal for group play and keeping kids active, soccer balls make the ideal group activity at any campsite.
    • Kite Kits: Flying kites is an enjoyable way to enjoy breezy days in nature!
    • Hiking Gear: Child-sized backpacks and walking sticks encourage them to join hikes.

    Creative and Artsy Toys

    Benefits of Creative Toys

    Creative Toys Creative toys allow children to express themselves freely while also serving as a relaxing activity after an exciting day of exploring. Furthermore, they help build fine motor skills while encouraging imagination development.

    Top Arts and Crafts Kits for Camping

    • Portable Art Sets: When camping, compact kits containing crayons, markers and paper are a great way to entertain children.
    • Crafting Kits: Crafting kits such as beads, string, and other materials provide endless hours of crafting fun for young minds!
    • Nature Art Supplies: Let children use leaves, sticks and rocks in their art projects.
    • Painting Sets: Portable watercolours and brushes can help kids paint beautiful outdoor scenes.

    Interactive and Group Play Toys

    Enhancing Social Skills with Group Play Toys

    Group play toys encourage children to interact with others and build social skills by working as part of a team, which is perfect for making friends at the campsite.

    Top Group Play Toys for Camping

    • Board Games: Compact board games are great for evenings at the campsite.
    • Team Sports Equipment: Items like volleyball nets and baseball sets are ideal for group activities.
    • Group Puzzles: Large puzzles that multiple kids can work on together promote teamwork.
    • Outdoor Games: Games like capture the flag or scavenger hunts are perfect for larger groups of children.

    Safety Tips for Bringing Toys to Campsites

    Choosing Safe Toys

    Safety is of utmost importance when selecting toys for camping. Safety should always come first when choosing toys for a camping trip. Look for ones with durable construction and free from small parts that could present a choking risk; additionally, make sure they're suitable for the terrain and climate conditions at your campsite.

    General Safety Tips

    • Supervision: Always supervise children while they play, especially in unfamiliar environments.
    • First Aid: Keep a first aid kit handy for minor injuries that may occur during play.
    • Toy Maintenance: Regularly check toys for damage and repair or replace them as needed.

    Tips for Keeping Toys Clean While Camping

    Importance of Clean Toys

    Maintaining clean toys while camping helps stop germs from spreading and ensures they remain safe and functional, giving children enjoyable play experiences during their camping trip.

    How to Clean Toys While Camping

    • Wipes and Sanitizers: Bring sanitizing wipes for quick and easy cleaning.
    • Portable Washing Solutions: Utilize a collapsible basin filled with biodegradable soap when washing toys on the go.
    • Storage Bags: When not in use, store toys in waterproof storage bags to safeguard them from dirt and moisture build-up.
    • Drying Cloths: Pack absorbent cloths for drying toys after they have been cleaned, as well as compact and portable toys.

    Compact and Portable Toys

    Why Choose Compact Toys for Camping?

    Space can often be limited when camping, making portable toys an ideal way to ensure kids are entertained without taking up too much room. Compact toys offer endless fun without taking up much room in storage spaces or backpacks.

    Best Compact and Portable Toys

    • Folding Scooters: These are easy to transport and perfect for quick rides around the campsite.
    • Inflatable Toys: Items like inflatable balls and pools are lightweight and easy to pack.
    • Compact Board Games: Small, travel-sized games are ideal for keeping kids entertained during downtime.
    • Collapsible Tents: Mini play tents that fold down are great for imaginative play and easy storage.

    Environmental Considerations

    Eco-Friendly Toys

    Selecting eco-friendly toys helps minimize environmental impact while simultaneously teaching children about sustainability. Look for toys made of natural materials or that are recyclable/biodegradable when shopping.

    Teaching Kids About Sustainability

    • Recycling: Teach children how to recycle toy packaging and other materials.
    • Nature-Friendly Play: Encourage kids to play in ways that do not harm the environment, such as not picking plants or disturbing wildlife.

    Budget-Friendly Toys

    Finding Affordable Toys

    Camping toys don't need to cost an arm and leg; many affordable options provide hours of entertainment while being suitable for outdoor use.

    Top Budget-Friendly Toys

    • DIY Craft Kits: Affordable and engaging, these kits can keep kids busy for hours!
    • Second-Hand Toys: To save money, look into purchasing gently used toys instead.
    • Simple Outdoor Games: Jump ropes and hula hoops can provide great exercise while remaining cost-effective options.
    • Dollar Store Finds: Many stores provide affordable toys perfect for camping.

    Toys for Different Age Groups

    Toys for Toddlers

    • Stacking Cups: These are great for developing fine motor skills and can double as bath toys.
    • Soft Balls: Safe for little ones to throw and catch.
    • Simple Puzzles: Age-appropriate puzzles help with problem-solving skills.
    • Push Toys: Ideal for toddlers who are just learning to walk.

    Toys for Preschoolers

    • Interactive Storybooks: Perfect for quiet time reading, these captivating and educational storybooks engage and educate in equal measure.
    • Building Blocks: Versatile yet enjoyable building blocks foster creativity while developing fine motor skills and fine motor coordination.
    • Ride-On Toys: These small ride-on toys can also help strengthen coordination skills while developing creativity in this age group.
    • Art Supplies: Crayons and colouring books offer children an outlet for creative expression.

    Toys for School-Aged Kids

    • Science Kits: Educational yet enjoyable, science kits provide hands-on learning experiences.
    • Sports Equipment: Soccer balls, frisbees and other sports gear provide plenty of active play options.
    • Board Games: More complex games can be a great way to spend evenings at the campsite.
    • Bicycles: Suitable for older kids, bikes allow them to explore larger areas.

    DIY Toys for Camping

    Benefits of DIY Toys

    Making toys yourself can provide your child with an exciting camping experience that is uniquely personalized and personal. Additionally, creating toys together can be an engaging creative outlet.

    How to Craft DIY Camping Toys

    • Nature Collages: Use items found around your campsite to craft beautiful art pieces.
    • Homemade Kites: Construct an elegant kite from sticks, string and plastic bag.
    • Sock Puppets: Gather old socks and craft supplies to make whimsical puppets!
    • Camping Lanterns: DIY lanterns using jars, LED lights, and colourful paper to light your campsite at night.

    Toys for Camping in Different Terrains

    Toys for Forest Camping

    • Binoculars: Perfect for birdwatching and exploring the forest.
    • Hiking Toys: Compact toys like compasses and maps for trail adventures.
    • Tree Climbing Ropes: Suitable for older kids, these encourage physical activity and adventure.
    • Nature Journals: Encourage kids to document their findings in a journal.

    Toys for Beach Camping

    • Sand Toys: Buckets, shovels, and moulds are essential tools for building sandcastles.
    • Beach Balls: Lightweight yet perfect for beach games.
    • Boogie Boards: Great for older kids to ride the waves.
    • Snorkeling Gear: Introduce kids to underwater exploration.

    Toys for Desert Camping

    • Shovels and Pails: Ideal for playing in the sand and creating dunes.
    • Kite Kits: Built specifically to withstand windy desert environments.
    • Desert Exploration Kits: Packed full of magnifying glasses and guidebooks for discovering desert wildlife.
    • Shade Tents: Provide an enjoyable place for children to play and rest.

    Long-Lasting and Durable Toys

    Why Durability Matters

    Rugged toys that withstand outdoor play and rough handling ensure they last throughout a camping trip and beyond, eliminating the need for frequent replacements while guaranteeing consistent playtime enjoyment. By investing in sturdy toys now, we can save ourselves the trouble and expense associated with frequent replacements in the future.

    Top Durable Toys for Camping

    • Heavy-Duty Ride-On Toys: Constructed of durable materials that can withstand rough terrain.
    • Robust Outdoor Games: Items like sturdy frisbees and thick ropes for tug-of-war are great outdoor games to keep young ones active outdoors.
    • High-Quality Art Supplies: For lasting creativity that stands up against weather elements such as waterproof markers.
    • Long-Lasting Building Blocks: Made from weatherproof plastic that can withstand outdoor play.

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    Weather-Resistant Toys

    Importance of Weather-Resistant Toys

    Weather-resistant toys are crucial for outdoor play as they can withstand rain, sun, and other elements without deteriorating. They ensure that children can enjoy their toys regardless of weather conditions.

    Best Weather-Resistant Toys

    • Waterproof Balls: Perfect for playing in any weather, including rain or at the beach.
    • Outdoor-Grade Kites: Made from materials that can handle wind and moisture.
    • Weather-Proof Art Supplies: Items like wax crayons and waterproof sketch pads.
    • Rugged Outdoor Playsets: Durable enough to stay outside in various weather conditions.

    Technology-Free Toys

    Benefits of Technology-Free Toys

    Technology-free toys promote creativity, social interaction and physical activity - perfect for camping as they encourage children to disconnect from screens and connect with nature and their environment.

    Top Tech-Free Toys

    • Board Games: These encourage teamwork and critical thinking skills.
    • Craft Kits: Foster creativity through hands-on play.
    • Outdoor Sports Gear: These items encourage physical play, such as balls or rackets.
    • Puzzle Sets: Explore problem-solving skills without electronics.

    Role-Playing Toys for Imagination

    Importance of Role-Playing

    Role-playing toys help children develop social skills, empathy, and creativity by providing an outlet to act out various scenarios and stories. Role-playing toys provide children with endless hours of imaginative play fun in which an ordinary campsite becomes an extraordinary adventure!

    Best Role-Playing Toys

    • Costume Kits: Encourage kids to dress up and play different characters.
    • Miniature Camp Sets: Allow children to mimic camping activities like cooking and setting up a tent.
    • Storytelling Kits: Include puppets and props for creating and acting out stories.
    • Toy Tool Sets: Great for role-playing as explorers or builders at the campsite.

    Toys That Encourage Exploration

    Benefits of Exploratory Play

    Exploratory play fosters curiosity and a love for discovery. It encourages children to learn about their environment and can make camping an educational adventure.

    Top Toys for Exploration

    • Magnifying Glasses: Perfect for examining plants, insects, and rocks.
    • Explorer Backpacks: Filled with tools like compasses, maps, and notebooks.
    • Bug Catchers: Safe and humane ways for kids to catch and study insects.
    • Binoculars: Ideal for birdwatching and exploring the landscape.

    Packing and Organizing Toys for Camping

    Tips for Packing Toys

    Packing toys for a camping trip requires careful consideration to ensure they are organized and protected. Proper packing helps prevent damage and makes it easier to find toys when needed.

    Best Storage Solutions

    • Storage Bins: Durable bins that keep toys organized and protected from the elements.
    • Zipper Bags: Perfect for keeping small toys and accessories together.
    • Mesh Bags: Ideal for toys that need to be dried or aired out after use.
    • Toy Backpacks: Compact and easy to carry, allowing children to manage their own toys.

    Toys That Promote Family Bonding

    Importance of Family Bonding

    Toys that encourage family interaction help strengthen bonds and create lasting memories. They provide opportunities for families to play and enjoy activities together, enhancing the camping experience.

    Top Toys for Family Bonding

    • Board Games: Ideal for evenings around the campfire.
    • Sports Equipment: Activities like soccer or frisbee can be enjoyed by the whole family.
    • Craft Kits: Creating art projects together fosters teamwork and creativity.
    • Storytelling Kits: Encourage family members to create and share stories.

    Water Toys for Camping

    Benefits of Water Play

    Water toys provide the ideal way for kids to cool off on camping trips near lakes, rivers or the ocean - and enjoy fun water activities! They make camping trips more relaxing while also giving children something refreshing to keep themselves busy with.

    Top Water Toys for Camping

    • Inflatable Pools: An easy and safe setup makes these inflatable pools great for younger children.
    • Water Guns: Create water battles during hot days!
    • Floating Toys: Provide endless entertainment in lakes or pools!
    • Snorkel Sets: Offer kids safe underwater exploration! And finally, Nighttime Toys for Camping can add even more fun!

    Nighttime Toys for Camping

    Importance of Nighttime Toys

    Nighttime toys can help ease children's fear of the dark and make camping enjoyable, giving kids something fun and comforting to do even after the sun goes down. They provide comfort and entertainment, guaranteeing kids have a pleasant evening experience at your campsite.

    Best Toys for Nighttime Play

    • Glow Sticks: Safe and entertaining light sources that provide light.
    • Flashlight Toys: Encourage exploration in the dark while being great for shadow play.
    • Night Vision Goggles: Allow kids to see in low-light conditions and explore their environment more fully.
    • Star Projectors: Transform any tent into an unforgettable night sky experience!

    Games and Toys for Long Trips

    Keeping Kids Entertained During Travel

    Long trips to the campsite can be challenging for children. Having the right games and toys can keep them occupied and make the journey more enjoyable for everyone.

    Best Travel Games and Toys

    • Travel Board Games: Compact versions of popular games are perfect for the road.
    • Activity Books: Coloring and puzzle books provide hours of entertainment.
    • Portable DVD Players: Great for watching movies during long car rides.
    • Magnetic Playsets: Ensure pieces don’t get lost during travel.

    Musical Toys for Camping

    Benefits of Musical Toys

    Musical toys provide entertainment and can enhance the camping experience. They encourage creativity and can be a fun way to pass the time around the campfire.

    Top Musical Toys for Camping

    • Portable Instruments: Items like ukuleles and harmonicas are easy to carry and play.
    • Toy Drums: Perfect for creating rhythms and having fun.
    • Music Players: Portable speakers or players for enjoying music in nature.
    • Singing Games: Encourage family sing-alongs and musical fun.

    Educational Apps and Digital Tools

    Combining Technology with Outdoor Play

    While it’s beneficial to disconnect from screens during camping, some educational apps can complement the experience by providing valuable learning opportunities.

    Best Educational Apps for Camping

    • Nature Guide Apps: Help kids identify plants, animals, and stars.
    • Language Learning Apps: Turn downtime into an opportunity to learn a new language.
    • Astronomy Apps: Perfect for stargazing and learning about constellations.
    • Outdoor Survival Apps: Teach kids basic survival skills and outdoor safety.

    Camping-Specific Toys

    What Makes a Toy Suitable for Camping?

    Camping-specific toys are designed to be durable, portable, and suitable for outdoor play. They enhance the camping experience by providing activities that are both fun and relevant to the setting.

    Top Camping-Specific Toys

    • Camping Playsets: Miniature sets that mimic camping activities like cooking and hiking.
    • Nature Exploration Kits: Tools for exploring and learning about the environment.
    • Outdoor Adventure Kits: Include items like binoculars, compasses, and magnifying glasses.
    • Mini Tents and Sleeping Bags: Allow kids to have their own mini camping experience.

    Toys to Avoid When Camping

    Identifying Unsuitable Toys

    Not all toys are suitable for a camping environment. Some may pose safety risks or be difficult to manage outdoors.

    Why Some Toys Are Not Ideal for Camping

    • Electronic Devices: These can be easily damaged by weather and may detract from the camping experience.
    • Small Parts: Toys with many small parts can be easily lost and pose choking hazards.
    • Fragile Toys: These are likely to break easily in the rough outdoor environment.
    • Messy Toys: Items like play dough or paints can be difficult to manage and clean up.

    Integrating Nature with Play

    Benefits of Nature-Based Play

    Integrating nature with play encourages children to connect with the environment, fostering a sense of respect and curiosity for the natural world.

    Top Nature-Integrated Toys

    • Nature Scavenger Hunts: Encourage kids to explore and find various natural items.
    • Leaf and Rock Painting Kits: Use natural materials as a canvas for creativity.
    • Bug Observation Kits: Allow kids to safely catch and study insects.
    • Eco-Friendly Craft Kits: Encourage the use of natural and recycled materials in art projects.


    Camping with children can be an unforgettable adventure when equipped with the appropriate toys.

    From ride-on toys and educational games to ride-on toys that promote creativity and exploration, there are endless ways you can keep them occupied during a camping trip.

    Be mindful to prioritize safety, cleanliness and environmental impact when selecting toys for this experience!


    What are the best toys for a child when camping?

    The best toys for camping are those that are durable, portable, and suitable for outdoor play. Options include ride-on toys, educational kits, outdoor sports equipment, and creative arts and crafts kits.

    Are ride-on toys suitable for camping trips?

    Yes, ride-on toys are suitable for camping, especially those designed for rugged terrain. They provide entertainment and encourage physical activity. Ensure the toy is easy to transport and suitable for the campsite’s terrain.

    How can I ensure toy safety at a campsite?

    Choose toys that are durable and free from small parts that could pose choking hazards. Always supervise children during play and keep a first aid kit handy for minor injuries. Regularly check toys for damage and clean them as needed.