Best Kids Mini Motorcycles for Beginners (2024)

    Best Kids Mini Motorcycles for Beginners | HYPER GOGO
    A guide to the best kids' mini motorcycles in 2024, categorized by engine size and electric options, perfect for beginners.

    Introduction to motorcycles can be an incredible way of teaching children new skills and allowing them to experience the freedom and excitement of two-wheeler riding.

    With such a wide variety of motorcycles for kids on the market, it can be challenging to choose a mini motorcycle that will best meet your child's needs.

    This guide categorizes bikes by engine displacement and offers information regarding electric options to help you make an informed decision.

    Off-Road and Racing Options

    Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki offer robust options to handle rough terrains for an exhilarating off-road experience.

    Kawasaki KX models and Suzuki RM85 motorcycles make great choices for racing enthusiasts looking to add speed and performance to the track. GasGas Husqvarna KTM and TM bikes are also designed specifically to offer maximum performance on tracks around the country.

    As children grow and advance their cycling abilities, they can advance to more complex bikes such as Suzuki DR-Z125Ls, Honda CRF125F/Big Wheels, Yamaha TT-R125LEs, Kawasaki KLX140Rs or the TM MX 144s for advanced skills development.

    50cc Class


    The 50cc category is ideal for young riders just starting. These bikes provide easy power delivery with automatic clutch, low seat height and automatic clutch systems, making these perfect for newcomers to riding.

    These bikes streamline the riding process for children, enabling them to focus on throttle control, steering, stopping and balancing without needing to operate a clutch lever.

    Recommended Models

    1. GasGas MC 50
    2. Husqvarna TC 50
    3. KTM 50 SX
    4. Yamaha PW50
    5. Honda CRF50F
    6. Suzuki DR-Z50
    7. Yamaha TT-R50E
    GasGas MC 50


    Automatic Clutch and Single-Speed Transmission: Bikes such as the GasGas MC 50, Husqvarna TC 50, KTM 50 SX and Yamaha PW50 feature single-speed transmissions, which make gear shifting obsolete.

    Throttle Limiter: Some models, such as the CRF50F, DR-Z50 and PW50, come equipped with adjustable throttle limiters to limit maximum speed.

    Seat Heights: Seat heights range from 18.7 inches (Yamaha PW50) to slightly higher for younger riders.


    • GasGas MC 50: $4,599
    • Honda CRF50F: $1,699
    • Husqvarna TC 50: $4,799
    • KTM 50 SX: $4,699
    • Suzuki DR-Z50: $2,499
    • Yamaha PW50: $1,699
    • Yamaha TT-R50E: $1,749

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    65cc Class


    Moving to the 65cc Class introduces riders to manual transmissions and more powerful engines. It helps children transition from single-speed or three-speed gearboxes to six-speed gearboxes.

    Recommended Models

    1. KTM 65 SX
    2. Husqvarna TC 65
    3. GasGas MC 65
    4. Kawasaki KX65
    KTM 65 SX


    Manual Transmission: All bikes in this category feature six-speed gearboxes and liquid-cooled two-stroke engines.

    Disc Brakes: Unlike the drum brakes found on many 50cc bikes, 65cc models use disc brakes for better stopping power.

    Adjustable Suspension: The Austrian models (KTM, Husqvarna, and GasGas) have adjustable forks and shock absorbers. The Kawasaki KX65 features four-way rebound and spring preload adjustments in the rear.


    • GasGas MC 65: $5,299
    • Husqvarna TC 65: $5,599
    • Kawasaki KX65: $3,999
    • KTM 65 SX: $5,499

    85cc Class


    The 85cc Class offers a diverse selection of bikes from Japan, Austria and Italy. Equipped with more powerful two-stroke engines and larger wheels for increased control and better manoeuvrability, these bikes make an excellent choice for older children and teenagers.

    Recommended Models

    1. GasGas MC 85
    2. Husqvarna TC 85
    3. Kawasaki KX85
    4. KTM 85 SX
    5. Suzuki RM85
    6. TM 85 2T Junior
    GasGas MC 85


    Carburettors: Most 85cc bikes use Keihin carburettors, except KTM, which uses Mikuni.

    Wheel Sizes: 85cc bikes feature larger wheels (17/14 or 19/16 inches), providing greater stability and performance benefits.

    Age Range: This cycling category is appropriate for riders aged 9-15, per AMA guidelines.


    • GasGas MC 85: $6,249 - $6,449
    • Husqvarna TC 85: $6,749 - $6,949
    • Kawasaki KX85: $4,699
    • KTM 85 SX: $6,549 - $6,849
    • Suzuki RM85: $4,499
    • TM 85 2T Junior: $6,895

    110cc Class


    The 110cc bikes are designed for off-road fun with features that make them accessible and enjoyable for young riders.

    Recommended Models

    1. Yamaha TT-R110E
    2. Honda CRF110F
    Yamaha TT R110E | HYPER GOGO


    Four-Stroke Engines: Both models feature air-cooled four-stroke engines, with Honda using a 109cc engine and Yamaha a 110cc engine.

    Fuel Injection: Honda's CRF110F features fuel injection as an upgrade over Yamaha's carbureted TT-R110E, offering riders a modern alternative.

    User-Friendly Features: These bikes boast four-speed transmissions, automatic clutches and electric starters - making them easier than ever to ride.


    • Honda CRF110F: $2,599
    • Yamaha TT-R110E: $2,299

    112cc Class


    The 112cc Class offers bikes with slightly larger engines and more advanced features, suitable for both off-road enthusiasts and track riders.

    Recommended Models

    1. Kawasaki KLX110R/KLX110R L
    2. Kawasaki KX112
    3. TM MX 112 2T Junior
    Kawasaki KLX110R/KLX110R L


    Engine Size: Despite their names, the KLX110R models have 112cc engines, while the KX112 uses a liquid-cooled two-stroke engine.

    Suspension: KLX models feature basic suspension setups, while the KX112 has adjustable 36mm inverted forks and a Uni-Trak shock absorber.

    Brake Types: The KLX models use drum brakes, whereas the KX112 has petal disc brakes for superior stopping power.


    • Kawasaki KLX110R/KLX110R L: $2,649 / $2,849
    • Kawasaki KX112: $5,399
    • TM MX 112 2T Junior: $7,545

    Electric Options


    Electric mini motorcycles are gaining popularity due to their simplicity, low maintenance, and environmental benefits. These bikes are perfect for young riders who are just starting and prefer an easier and quieter ride.

    Recommended Models

    1. HYPER GOGO Cruiser 12 Plus
    HYPER GOGO Cruiser 12 Plus


    Low Maintenance: Electric motorcycles, such as the HYPER GOGO Cruiser 12 Plus, require less maintenance than gas-powered motorcycles.

    Adjustable Power Modes: These bikes come with adjustable power modes, making them suitable for different skill levels and ensuring safety for beginners.

    Lightweight and Compact: Electric mini motorcycles are typically lightweight and compact, making them easy for kids to handle.


    • HYPER GOGO: $559


    Starting young riders on mini motorcycles will surely spark an enduring love of riding.

    From timeless Yamaha PW50s and race-ready KTM 50 SX Minis to electric options such as HYPER GOGO Cruiser 12 Plus, there's sure to be something perfect for every young rider's needs and skill levels.

    Find the motorbike for kids that best suits your child's size, ability, and budget needs, and enjoy hours of fun and learning.


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